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Fairytale Dreams Photographic… Beautiful scenes. Surreal… The way I feel, But so sure this is what life is for. Thankful that dreams are made to become…

Dreams Coming True

I lay here Wondering Pondering About what if This is not something I like to do I use to be that person But then I…

What if

Oh, how times change! It’s like the wind, Never blowing the same. Everything changes and we change with it. We have so many dreams of…

Wind of change

There are horrible images in my head They make me feel as if I were dead I can’t believe it took me this long To…


You come to me You want me. You kiss me and hold me so tight. I just have no fight in me to say, “no”.…

So Right

Angel I close my eyes I make a wish I say a prayer And hope that you will be there. I open my eyes to…


  From dusk till dawn May you always sing your song. Light the way… As tomorrow is a new day.

From Dusk Till Dawn

  Raging inside… Storm clouds in the sky… Some day you’ll fly.

Raging Inside

    Sticks and Stones will break my bones, But words will never hurt me. This is a verse I grew up to… Couldn’t be…

Sticks and Stones

  This is my time. To shine Or leave all behind… Watch it unfold.

My Time

    Fallen hard…. In a whirl of emotion… All for you..

All For You

The time clock ticks by And the stars fill the sky. The angels fall from heaven And it’s a quarter past eleven. My dreams come…

Too Young

I saw you in my dreams Yet something was different Your eyes gave me a look that never left me Your words were spoken so…

Words of Dreams