The Battle 1

From the inside out. Hues of black and red. Looming and lurking. Forming and twisting. Binding my soul. Suffocating what was left. Causing a slow and painful death. Decaying and Revealing hate. Conquering the one thing that I fought so hard to save. Mind whirling. Twirling about. Giving me a feeling like I want to […]

B & W garden HDR tri sets 170

B & W garden HDR tri sets 182

On the dark side of the moon

On the dark side of the moon, There is a tiny light, that is filled with fright. Although, one would think the dark side had no light, This simply is not right. You see, All things that are dark have a small light inside, But that is where they always choose to hide. That little […]

Haunting Memories

  There is something that hides Within your eyes. I see what others do not. Your eyes tell me a lot. They are the gate way to your soul, which bears so many stories untold. Haunting memories, Echo back at me. In your eyes, This is what I see.

15 - 1(2)

15 - 1(1)

Life Stone 1

He etched her name in stone. Forever, a testament to eternity, As she was his everything. Nothing could take away their undying love. Destiny¬†had its way… because fate was played Forever… her name was engraved on his heart. All beginnings and ends were with her. Upon his life stone was her name.

That Moment

    I’m waiting As I have my whole life For that moment When I become breathless Anticipating What true intimacy Must feel like For this I will wait my whole life To have this moment with you.



In a ring of fire

I stand in a ring of fire Within me the flames burn They hold no shadows of what used to be But hold the ¬†presence of me As the flames run through my lifeless body I fall to the ground. I feel no pain of these flames But only the shame of this endless game. […]

I am

I am I am but a poem with no words So sad and lonely So unheard. I am but a candle with no flame So lifeless So unsure I live my life in shame I am but a mirror on the wall So fragile Just waiting to fall I am but a corner in a […]

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this death is killing me

This Death Is Killing Me

This death… inside of me It’s fighting me Killing me Clamming me Consuming me Looming and tearing me apart Who I am… I never wanted to be Who I am not… I strive to be Never happy This death is killing me I can’t breathe I am not sure I have the strength To be […]

On the horizon

On the horizon Steps towards tomorrow The dreams just beyond the fog A hope the rain will clear And light will aluminate our fate Whispers among the shadows Tears flowing like streams So sure this world is made to smash dreams. Heavy hearted Filled with pain Heaven held in my hands for a matter of […]